Career Services


Career service is a set of service and academic supports provided to students at higher institutions aimed at assisting their transition from school to workplace. It plays very important role in helping students of tertiary institutions globally to have vocational guidance, career options, and identifying available career opportunities as well as helping to assess student’s abilities, interests and possible achievements. It is an enhancement of the academic syllabus and serves as a shift in the Nigerian National Policy in Education. It is a response to the challenges of unemployment, underemployment and a vigorous attempt to re-orient and reset the psyches of our graduands who feel that education is a scam. Career services help to open the minds of students to the opportunities in their various careers through career conversations and connections from lecturers. Career service fits into the larger employability objective because effective career guidance helps individuals to reach their potentials, to become more efficient, and the societies to become more fairer and developed. It highlights importance of discerning individuals’ talents and maximizing human potentials including mobility in their career development. Thus, an improper career orientation renders students decision-making difficult and allows inconsistent skills and unsatisfactory employment prospects. In order to answer the clarion call of job placement after graduation of our students, effective career services centre will have to be pragmaticalised. From obvious observations, students that were exposed to career services/guidance are likely to secure gainful employments faster than their counterparts. It is therefore worthwhile to design and deliver career services to students across the students’ life-cycle. A good design and delivery process will mean a good roadmap for students in their various career pursuits to successfully start their career journey. By so doing, our institution will achieve good job placement for our graduands and some alumni who may not have been able to secure jobs years after graduation.


The career service centre is being provided to render career services to students, staff and other stake holders of the Institution. The essence of the career service is aimed at assisting the students to have smoother transition from school to the workplace. The staff is here to present the right career conversations and career connections.

Presently, career service centre is taken off in Abia State Polytechnic with the following aims and objectives:
1. To educate students about career options
2. To motivate students to achieve career
3. To assist students to identify, manage and successfully enter their career paths
4. To provide opportunities for students to network with alumni and mentors
5. To increase employer engagements that may increase student access to empowerment on graduation

Establishment of Career Service Centre (CSC) in Abia State Polytechnic helps the students and graduants to adopt the current trends and directives from Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETF) and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) on having a functional career service centre that will meet and satisfy the needs and challenges of Career Services at the Polytechnic.


MISSION: Our mission is to empower the students and graduates to uncover their potentials, restore their confidence, personal excellence and professional employability through conversation and connection.

VISION To prepare, communicate and empower Abia State Polytechnic students and graduates for career success.