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Pre-National Diploma

Pre-National Diploma (Pre-ND) Programmes serves as a preparatory stage for student to gain admission into National Diploma Programmes in any Polytechnic.

National Diploma

National Diploma (ND) Programme is a 2-year Programme which is approved and accredited by the National Board for Technical Education and the Federal Ministry of Education.

Higher National Diploma

HND is a continuation of a National Diploma (ND [equivalent to associate degree]) programme, both offered by polytechnics. The ND and HND programmes have a duration of 2 years.

A Brief History

Welcome to

Abia State Polytechnic

Abia State Polytechnic is located in the heart of Abia State, Aba, Nigeria. It is composed of different schools, such as the School of Science & Engineering and the School of Business Administration. Abia State polytechnic is a citadel of academic excellence. We are committed to quality education aimed at empowering and improving lives which make positive influence in the society and the world at large.

Faculties and courses offered According to the latest version of JAMB admission brochure, Abia State Polytechnic offers the following courses/programmes at National Diploma (ND) level.

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Courses like Biology/Microbiology and Chemistry/Biochemistry are only available at HND level.

  •     GEN. STUD. & COMM. TECH
  • MORE

School of Business & Management

The School of Business and Management Technology offers students an opportunity to build a career in business management, Inventory, administration, finance management, product and service marketing and office management. Interested students may apply to any of the under-listed department:


  • Department of Accountancy
  • Department of Banking & Finance
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Public administration
  • Department of Office Technology & Management
  • Department of Business Administration & Management
  • Department of Food Science and Technology
  • Department of Tourism and Hospitality

School of Engineering & Technology

The School of Engineering has continued to produce top class graduates from the institution who are capable of skills required to bring technological development to the environment and beyond.


  • Department of Welding and Fabrication Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Computer Engineering
  • Department of Civil Engineering


School of General Studies & Communication Technology

The School of General Studies services all schools within the Institution. They provide ancillary courses which are required of students at both OND and HND programmes.


  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Humanities
  • Department of Languages & Communication


School of Science and Industrial Technology (SSIT)

Whether your interest is in the wonders of computing, electric currents and electronics or the powers of nature in micro organisms, cells and living structures, or you just want to study and make inference based on current happenings in the world; the place to be is the school of science and industrial technology.

Apply today for our OND or HND programmes and to be inspired and equipped to make positive changes in the world today.


Centre for Evening Programme and Continuing Education (CEPCE)

This is an academic center that caters for the need of those individuals that have the desire to further develop themselves but are constrained because they are engaged in the day time but free in the evenings after office hours. It also provides opportunity for remedial studies.

DEPARTMENTS– ND & HND programmes (All Departments)

The Centre for Evening Programme and Continuing Education (CEPCE)offers admission into all departments of the school at Ordinary National Diploma (OND)and Higher National Diploma (HND).It is offers an opportunity for working class individuals and business men and women to acquire quality education alongside skills required to reshape our world into a technologically advanced environment.

School of Environmental Design and Technology (SEDT)

With the advancements being made in buildings, structures and urbanization of most towns, the best place to invest your time and knowledge is in environmental designs. We are geared towards equipping students with skills in building, layout, construction, analysis and projections. We encourage you to apply to any of the departments below and acquire the skills of a lifetime in just two years.


  • Department of Estate Management
  • Department of Surveying & Geoinformatics
  • Department of Architecture
  • Department of Building Technology
  • Department of Quantity Surveying

Academic Calendar

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Abia State Polytechnic offers various programmes both for undergraduate and post graduate candidates

To apply for any of the programmes, you are required to generate an invoice for the particular programme and department to which you intend to study. After generating this invoice, you are to proceed to any of the collecting banks and make a payment using the invoice number generated.If you have made payment using the invoice number, you can proceed by clicking here and input the confirmation order number obtained from the bank

Polytechnic Library

The Library is open to all duly registered students of the Polytechnic. Students wishing to borrow books from the library must first register and must observe all regulations prescribed by the librarian.Any book(s) borrowed by students must be returned at the expiration period of two weeks and can be renewed accordingly. Over due books attract fine. Materials at the Reference section of the library are available for consultation only and not for lending.

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