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Abia State

Abia State Polytechnic is located in the heart of Abia State, Aba, Nigeria. It is composed of different schools, such as the School of Science & Engineering and the School of Business Administration. Abia State polytechnic is a citadel of academic excellence. We are committed to quality education aimed at empowering and improving lives which make positive influence in the society and the world at large.

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Pre-National Diploma

Pre-National Diploma (Pre-ND) Programmes serves as a prep stage for students to gain admission into National Diploma Programmes in any Polytechnic.

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National Diploma

National Diploma (ND) Programme in Abia State Polytechnic offers top notch studies and practical applications for students in each chosen department under the programme.

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Higher National Diploma

Higher National Diploma (HND) is a continuation of the National Diploma (ND) programme. It involves studies and practicals to prepare students for a career in their chosen field.

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